• we help our customers
    realize that

    change is

    on a daily basis.

    we help our customers realize that

    change is good

    on a daily basis.

    A planned replacement specialist, AES Mechanical successfully replaces thousands of HVAC units annually. Licensed in all 50 states, our multiple, directly-employed crews are trained to complete your projects with minimal disruption to your business. We’ve completed hundreds of retail facilities with store-open precision, reducing customers’ costs and risk.

Walmart Corporate Headquarters - Bentonville, Arkansas

  • AES Mechanical was contracted to perform the removal and replacement of 62 RTUs on the Walmart corporate offices.
    •    Offices housed the Walmart management team along with their large meeting auditorium and cafeteria.
  • Replacement of the 63 Units happened in a one-day, 10-hour shutdown of the associated complex.
    •    AES Mechanical was the first contractor to shut down this facility to prevent Walmart associates from working.
  • Project consisted of the removal of 63 RTUs, installation of 40 adapter curbs and Installation of 63 new RTUs.
  • Zero accidents.
  • Rewired HVAC control system for 41 units.
  • External duct and layout.
  • Gas pipe disconnect/reconnect.
  • Extensive coordination between AES, Walmart, maintenance, helicopter personnel, adjacent airport.

* AES Mechanical only performs and solicits refrigeration in states where we are appropriately licensed.  (TX, TN, FL, OK)



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